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7 Co-locations at 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

At its core, Oceantos is a small tech company with a big footprint.


Oceantos is a Hedge Fund that brings a scientific approach to the Cryptocurrency market. We have built one of the world’s most sophisticated Quantum computing environments for our High Frequency Trading on 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges including the CME. Our Research and Development is at the forefront of innovation in the world of algorithmic trading using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to autonomously find Statistical Arbitrage opportunities in the market and in milliseconds trade a statistical pattern on a Cryptocurrency and make a small profit in seconds, thousands of times a day.

Research & Development

Guided by the scientific method, we devise models that begin with inspired ideas or economic hypotheses. In a systematic, process-driven fashion, models are expanded, tested and integrated into our Machine Learning Algorithms. These developments in Big Data and Quantum computing progress our ability to implement Statistical Arbitrage Trading autonomously in the Cryptocurrency market.

Quantum Arbitrage

By integrating sophisticated coding techniques with innovative engineering ideas, we design and optimize systems that process massive amounts of data and look for patterns to trade on. The High Frequency Algorithms can spot new trends across global Cryptocurrency markets and act automatically before the rest of the market has had a chance to even identify the trend, let alone trade it.

Our Team

Across offices in Palo Alto, Barcelona, Zurich, Greenwich, Dubai and Frankfurt, global teams of technologists and quant traders team up to design and develop the software, hardware, advanced networks and algorithms that drive our Statistical Arbitrage strategies. They anticipate change and continuously innovate, seeking new ways to sustain our success.


Our investment philosophy was formed by years of observation and by studying academic research. The team has a transparent approach that emphasizes three core values; honesty, generosity, and dedication to innovation. Oceantos core values embody a culture of integrity, intelligence, discipline, dedication and teamwork.

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